The Station Management Center helps public media leaders and management teams share insight and effective practices across the system. The site is available to employees of PBS member stations and contains valuable information on a variety of topics, including:

  • Data & Analysis
  • System & Industry Insight
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Good Practices
  • Collaboration
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Read on below or use the menus to learn more about the content and features that you can find throughout the Station Management Center.

Overview of SMC Content Areas

system mapThe Data & Analysis section helps answer the question: how is my station and the wider system doing? You'll find station-specific data from multiple sources that enables you to view your station's data and compare with peers by budget size, region, license type, etc. Data areas include revenue, expenses, underwriting, demographics and much more. There is also system data that you can interact with in a similar way.

The overall system data is available to all SMC users but access to the station-specific data is currently only available to station general managers. GMs can request access be given to other station staff.


System & Industry Insight answers the question: how do things work and what's going on in public media that may impact my station? There's a System 101 page designed for newer general managers; there's also a Spectrum Auction section that includes a great deal of information about the upcoming incentive auction with up-to-date news and in-depth analysis which is designed to help you and your station make more informed decisions. You'll also find a Hot Topics page that includes issues that will have near-term as well as long-term impact on stations. System & Industry Insight also has a calendar of system meetings as well as public media reports that have been published in recent years.


plans 3plans 2plans 1How can I manage/lead/structure my organization with a goal towards greater success? In this section we've included numerous station strategic plans that have been submitted by station managers. You'll also find insight on Sustainability, Governance & Leadership, Organizational Effectiveness & Professional Development.


Case_StudyWhat can I learn from other stations? This section includes Service Models and local success stories that may be relevant to your station and points of contact to find out more. You'll also find sections on Partnering & Collaboration, Revenue Generation and Cost Management initiatives. This section also includes sample job descriptions and policies/practices to aid your station in recruiting. There is also an area dedicated to Editorial Standards.


Under this heading is where you will find a blog, which is for all SMC users to share thoughts and stories about what has worked, what hasn't worked, and about opportunities for collaboration between stations. A Discussion Forum is your place to propose new ideas for collaborating on projects, and ask questions of fellow station leaders. There's also a contact form which you can use to provide feedback, new content, ask questions and more.