The Hub is Coming Soon!

///The Hub is Coming Soon!

The Hub is Coming Soon!

The Station Management Center was first launched back in 2014 and was primarily geared towards GMs at PBS stations. Over time we added things like station and system-wide data and the steal this idea portfolio. Our membership grew from an initial 300 or so users, to well over 2,500 today. Eventually it became clear that the SMC needed to evolve into something new.

We started a related project last year to create a landing page for all PBS tools and services for stations. We heard your frustrations with not being able to find the PBS website or tool you needed because there are quite a few of them. The landing page was designed to be one place to reach all of those sites.



We started calling it "the Hub" during our internal discussions but soon it became clear that the best way for the SMC to evolve was to become the hub for landing pages like the one we were creating, plus the home for all of that station data, demographics, steal this idea, focused initiatives (like the opioid epidemic), an entire section devoted to the new editorial standards, and PBS department areas for Marketing, Business Intelligence, and the Digital Immersion Project.

In many cases when you click on a link on the Hub it will take you to another site. We didn't want to re-invent the wheel and duplicate what already exists elsewhere, but rather to take you to where you need to go if it is something that doesn't live on this particular site.

We want to make sure you can find what you need, when you need it. As this site will be brand new, there will be room for improvement! Tell us if something doesn't work right, or doesn't work as you'd expect, and if you can't find it right away. Rather than think of the site as "finished" we plan to continue improving it over time.

When Is It All Happening?

Our expected launch date is October 22nd. Either on that date or soon after (if all goes according to plan!) you should get an email asking you to choose your new password on the Hub. From then on your username will be your email address instead of the username you had on the SMC. Fingers crossed that it will all go smoothly but if you have any trouble creating your password and logging in we'll include a contact email for you to let us know.

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About the Author:

Megan Paparella is a Senior Manager in the office of Station Services at PBS. She has a background in Knowledge Management and information sharing and is charged with overseeing the day-to-day management of the Station Management Center. Contact Megan if you have any questions about the Station Management Center or wish to contribute information or write a guest blog post.

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