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My department has been charged with tracking analytics for our online and social media platforms. I've used the Station Management Center to get data on our website usage compared with other stations. It was pretty valuable. We are just starting to plan a Bento website - so a whole new station website design and we are hoping this will bring more visitors to our site.
- Beth Fronckowiak, WNED
As Manager of Education and Community Engagement for WLJT, I love the "Steal This Idea" section of SMC. If I am working on an event, I visit this part of the site especially to find best practices and how I can model and implement other station strategies into our education/outreach efforts. It is always nice to keep up with what is going on with other station's education/engagement departments as well and the SMC provides the information I need, all in one general place.
- Sabrina Bates, WLJT
We've used the web traffic and social data to benchmark how we compare to other stations. With web data in particular, we've used the raw data to measure ourselves against similar stations. We are brainstorming ways we can do this on a monthly basis and incorporate our findings into our key performance indicator reports!
- Alexa Corcoran, RMPBS
The SMC has helped me identify peer stations by DMA and market size. We have used the interactive map feature for this purpose. Thanks!
- Courtney Dowdall, KETC
The SMC has been extremely helpful in our station's management of the American Graduate Initiative. I was able to pull off station licensee types and other information for the 34 stations that participate in AG and use them in analysis. We've used data from the SMC site to look specifically at how our stations do their work and compare similarities across station structure similarities. Thanks for all the great info!
- Rebekah Jacob, KETC


Know Your Data

Better understand the community you serve, your station’s performance, and how you’re performing relative to other stations across multiple areas

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Know Public Media

Learn how public media works, data trends in the system, and keep up to date with developments in our industry that may impact your station


Manage Effectively

Find good practices on managing your organization and developing your staff to help build your operational capacity and capabilities for the long term


Learn from Others

Learn what other stations are doing to effectively position themselves for success and serve their communities

How Does your traffic compare

Your Station's Web Traffic  & Social Media Data

  • View PBS.org and PBSkids.org web traffic data localized to your station
  • Compare your station's web site data with your peers
    • Users, Sessions, Pageviews, Bounce Rate, etc.
  • See the average for the system
  • Compare social media account follower numbers and view other station's social media feeds

What else you can expect to find on the Station Management Center:

  • The spectrum incentive auction
  • ATSC 3.0
  • Station initiatives in Steal this Idea
  • Development opportunities
  • Station and system data, as well as system trends
  • Resources for new station managers
  • Station strategic plans
  • Who to contact to answer your questions about station initiatives
  • Resources to help support your station’s development activities
  • Editorial standards information

New topics and resources are added often and contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Use these links to access additional capacity building information & insight: